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SONG: "For me the jasmine buds unfold"

The back yard of "Willing Terrace" in Germantown where the Coates' resided from 1879-1908.
Photographed in 2009.

FOR me the jasmine buds unfold
     And silver daisies star the lea,
The crocus hoards the sunset gold,
     And the wild rose breathes for me.
I feel the sap through the bough returning,
     I share the skylark's transport fine,
I know the fountain's wayward yearning,
     I love, and the world is mine!
I love, and thoughts that sometime grieved,
     Still well remembered, grieve not me;
From all that darkened and deceived
     Upsoars my spirit free.
For soft the hours repeat one story,
     Sings the sea one strain divine;
My clouds arise all flushed with glory,—
     I love, and the world is mine!
As published in Harper's Weekly (21 February 1891)
Florence Earle Coates' "Song" was set to music several times.  First published in Harper's Weekly on 21 February 1891, and subsequently published in Poems (1898) and Poems (1916) Volume I. I believe Clayton Johns was the first to set it to music in 1891:

Also setting the poem to music were Mrs. H. H. A Beach (1892, 1893), Harriet Burdett Wills (1895), Charles Fonteyn Manney (1904), Della V. Oliver (1905), Charles Gilbert Spross (1906), Frank Lynes (1911), and Victor Harris (1926), possibly among others.

Another image from the back yard of "Willing Terrace" in Germantown.
Photographed in 2009.

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