Monday, September 11, 2017

In remembrance 9/11

The dust never settles it seems, here of late.
Reluctant—we come to accept this: our fate!
Fearful of life too delicate to trod;
Hopeful of eternity in the arms of our God!
"Hope Amidst Unsettled Dust" ©2001 by Sonja N. Bohm.

The above poem was untitled when it was written. After sharing it with family and friends, it somehow found its way to a literary website from Turkey (long since gone) and was there given a title. I have adopted and used "Hope Amidst Unsettled Dust" as its title ever since.

'Tis for our freedom Christ hath set us free;
     Prince of Peace: born to die upon a tree
     Sacrificing self for all—even for me!
Brothers in arms, peace-keepers all, full cups do toss;
     And, hearing Freedom's call, take up their cross
     Knowing—in His will—suffereth they no loss.
Inviolable?—We would be loathe to forget
     Their sacrifices made, the blood they shed,—
     For evil doth abide here with us yet! 
The duty still is ours: for us to pray
     For those whom He hath chose to lead the way,
     That they might not be moved to lead astray.
In the world ye shall have trouble, Jesus spoke,
     But in Me ye may have peace and rest—and Hope! 
"Peace-keepers" ©2009 by Sonja N. Bohm.

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